I worked on a project entitled Cities of Lost memory between January and July 2022. It is a series of 12 cities drawn in Indian ink, in wide format (42 x 59.4 cm). I love drawing in pencil and have sketched ancient art for decades (see further down for a few examples), but here the deep and crisp black against the white of the paper really tells another story.

Each drawing is different for it tells a different tale from the next. I merge ancient art and contemporary buildings or sometimes more recent pasts. As an historian I constantly face the absurd recycling of events throughout history, but what is worse is that people seem to take less and less time to think and therefore take no heed of history’s warnings.

I decided to use my drawing skills for a purpose other than the pleasure of observing ancient art: to express a historical conundrum and I do so by bringing out an aspect of a city that speaks to me, forgotten or about to be forgotten events.

Please click on the thumbnails below to view the paintings in further detail and read more about their historic context.

A few recent sketches of ancient art

Here are some pencil sketches, usually with simple HB pencils. Sometimes I throw in a little colour with watercolour. After all, all these sculptures were painted in antiquity!

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