“Historical series II. Religion(s) of lost memory”

Religion(s) of Lost memory is an artistic/historical project I am currently working (November 2022 -). It is a series of 12 paintings in Indian ink, in wide format (42 x 59.4 cm) on a wide array of religious subjects.

It builds on my previous series, “Cities of Lost memory“. I also compose my painting around a city, but the running theme is a religious problem. For instance, in “Finding new gods”, I try to visualise the way in which Skopje, the capital of New Macedonia, is trying to rediscover its identity, to meet what it believes will qualify it as European. In doing so, ideals, history, mythology, former communism and Christianity  get completely confused. In my second painting, “Brotherly Love”, on Venice and Constantinople, I tried to crystallise centuries of a love-hate relationship between two powerful and established cities on either ends of the Christian spectrum. But it could also be seen as the corruption of power and money in religious affairs.

Please click on the thumbnails below to go to each painting’s main page with a close-up view, some historical context and bibliography on each subject