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Jonathan Oakey: “Page-turner with a fascinating background”  – July 2012

… The book is a real page-turner. The story is exciting and fast-paced, and there is some very interesting historical background underlying the plot. It’s a very enjoyable read…

Cynthia Hendaoui: “Mitchell’s book gives you plenty to think about….” – July 2012

… I likes Mitchell’s writing style. I want a book that grabs my attention and entertains me, and this book did just that. I find the development of the chapters enjoyable. I think they make it feel more fast-paced as the chapters quickly jump to different parts of the world…

fdemeyer: “A fast-paced, intelligent action thriller written by an author who clearly knows his stuff” – August 2012

An archaeological thriller set first against the backdrop of the Iraq war, then moving to Israel and Cambridge as it gains momentum to reach an action-packed apotheosis in exotic Thailand….

Mo: “Loved it!” – September 2012

… I first saw this book in a pile of books not for sale. I couldn’t wait till it came out and I wasn’t disappointed. It is a page turner and the last chapter well….. Leaves a mark on all book lovers waiting for the next one. Don’t make it a long time. Brilliant.

Paul S: “Hard to stop reading” – October 2012

Found this to be a real page turner on an intercontinental flight, was almost sorry when we landed that I could not finish it but now I did – Clay tablets have never excited me like this before 🙂 – as always the problem is you want more and part 2 is not out yet (sigh)…

Ronnie: “Great book” – October 2012

A thoroughly good read, compelling. I particularly like the accurate and expert background to a gripping story. I cant wait for the next one in the series.

Eric Melloul: “The 13th tablet” – October 2012

Here is an interesting cast of characters including shady artdealers, ruthless businessmen, secretive kabbalists and a disillusioned US army officer. But the character I loved the most is Mina Osman, the sexy Yale scholar of Iraqi descent who drops her promising Phd to head to Mosul and help in the restitution of looted Iraqi antiquities. A female Indiana Jones if you like but very human: she has doubts and flaws and practices … yoga.



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